Our t-shirt is sweat-proof and has a slim fit that gives you a modern and stylish look. It is made of a soft and stretchy material that adapts to your body and gives you a nice feeling. Our t-shirt has a unique sweat protection that prevents your clothes from getting sweat stains under the arms. You can feel dry and fresh all day. Our t-shirt is designed in Sweden and is functional and durable.

You can choose the size according to your taste and comfort. If you like a slim fit, it’s perfect, but if you want a slightly looser fit, you can go up a size without losing comfort. Our t-shirt is the perfect solution for those who want to avoid sweat stains and feel safe inside and out!

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Hemp is a natural, plant-based fiber and has natural antibacterial protection and these hypoallergenic properties make hemp good for sensitive skin and allergies. With its thermoregulating properties, hemp keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The durability of hemp is up to eight times that of cotton, which means that hemp wears in, not out. Hemp only gets softer and more comfortable over time.

TencelTM is one of our most environmentally friendly textiles. It comes directly from nature and is extracted from FSC-certified cellulose from sustainable forestry. Some of the advantages that Tencel™ has are that the material is very durable, but at the same time soft and light fiber with high elasticity and stretch. Tencel™transports moisture very well and absorbs 50 percent more moisture than cotton and is naturally antiseptic and has up to 2,000 times less bacterial growth than synthetic fibers.

Fabric: 65% Tencel, 30% Hemp, 5% Elastane

  • Wash at 60
  • Air dry after washing if possible
  • Withstand tumble drying at low temperature
  • Withstands ironing at low temperature

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Ideal Underwear t-shirts are sweat-proof, functional and durable clothes designed in Sweden. With our sweat-proof technology, we want you to feel safe inside and out, and with our breathable fabrics that are naturally moisture-wicking, odor-free and with antibacterial properties so you can wear it discreetly, day or night, under any shirt, sweater or suit.Ideal Underwear's sweat-proof technology not only prevents underarm stains and odors, but also gives you peace of mind knowing your sensitive skin will stay dry no matter the conditions.Hemp and Tencel™ is a durable fabric that is environmentally friendly, soft and functional. It provides comfort for your skin without compromising on style or performance!Textiles Material Choice or Research & development of Material Hemp and Tencel™ are one of our most eco-friendly materials and are carefully selected and blended in a certain proportion based on their unique natural properties that give our t-shirt great properties that add great value to our sweatproof technology. All this so that you can enjoy healthy clothing with the best functional features !
Sweat Shield Our sweat proof technology with a three layer sweat shield, not only prevents underarm stains and odor, but also gives you peace of mind knowing that your sensitive skin will stay dry no matter the conditions. Get all-day confidence with our revolutionary sweat proof technology. Trust that your clothes will stay stain free and fresh- so you can focus on the important things! Great for sensitive skin Hemp and Tencel™ have the added benefit of being good for allergy-prone or sensitive skin. Its fiber feels soft and comfortable and wicks any moisture quickly away. It helps keep the skin dry and avoids irritation.
Antibacterial & odor resistant
Antibacterial & odor resistant Our fabric is naturally antibacterial and that means less odor-causing bacteria (body odor) can build up. These hypoallergenic qualities make our t-shirt feel fresh and are great for sensitive skin and allergies. It contributes to more healthier clothing. Absorbent Hemp and Tencel™ materials are highly absorbent. This is important for fabrics in contact with our skin, as sweat is quickly absorbed and released. This means it dries quickly and less moisture is retained and less odor-causing bacteria can build up. This allows for more wears between washes. Less washing means a more sustainable wardrobe.
Breathable & Insulating
Breathable & Insulating Due to our unique material choices our t-shirt has natural thermoregulating properties. This allows an optimum amount of airflow, keeping you cool in the summer and allows you to warm up in winter. The core temperature of the body works with the fabric, not against it. Durable Our t-shirt wears in, not out. The strength of our material is up to eight times that of cotton. It's highly durable but at the same time soft and light fabric with high elasticity and stretch and becoming softer and more comfortable over time. This means our product is long lasting, and good for the environment and the economy. Slim Fit and extra length Our slim fit t-shirts are designed to be less baggy than standard t-shirts, offering a more fitted look that is particularly desirable for more formal occasions. We added longer lengths allowing them to fit the natural shape of the body for the best look when tucked into trousers or worn under another shirt or jacket. Our slim fit t-shirts offer great versatility for any wardrobe, making them a practical yet stylish item of clothing.